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Steering Committee

Xiaohua Tony Hu (Chair), Drexel University

Luonan Chen, Chinese Academy of Science, China

Xue-wen Chen, University of Kansas, USA

Michael Pycraft Hughes, University of Surrey, UK

Sun Kim, Indiana University, USA

Hideo Matsuda, Osaka University, Japan

Taesung Park, Seoul National University, Korea

Fangxiang Wu, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Zhongming Zhao, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA


Conference Co-Chairs

Prof. Lyle Ungar

University of Pennsylvania, USA


Prof. Cathy Wu

University of Delaware, USA


Program Co-Chairs

Prof. Reda Alhaij

University of Calgary, Canada


Prof. Jean Gao

University of Texas at Arlington, USA


Prof. Werner Dubitzky

University of Ulster, UK


Industry Program Committee Co-Chairs

Dr. Anastasia Christianson

AstraZeneca, USA


Dr. Michael Liebman

Strategic Medicine Inc., USA


Workshop Co-Chairs

Prof. Brian Chen

Lehigh University, USA


Prof. Kun Huang

The Ohio State University Medical Center, USA


Prof. Bernard Offmann

Université de La Réunion France, France


Poster Co-Chairs

Prof. Amarda Shehu

George Mason University, USA


Prof. May D. Wang
Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, USA


Prof. Jane Huiru Zheng

University of Ulster, UK


Publicity Co-chair

Prof. Umit V. Catalyurek

Ohio State University, USA


Dr. Yingliang Ma

King's College London, UK


Prof. Tansel Ozyer

tobb etü, Economics and Technology University, Turkey


Prof. Shuigeng Zhou

Fudan University, China


Proceedings Chair

Prof. Tianhai Tian

Monash University, Australia


Local Arrangement Co-Chairs

Prof. Ahmet Sacan

Drexel University, USA


Prof. Yuan An

Drexel University, USA


Sponsorship Co-Chairs

Dr. Guanghui Hu

Merck Research Laboratories, USA


Prof. Jimmy Huang

York University, Canada


Tutorial Co-Chairs

Prof. Hasan Jamil

Wayne State University, USA


Prof. Li Liao

University of Delaware, USA


Prof. Illhoi Yoo
University of Missouri at Columbia, USA


Student Travel Award Chair

Prof. Li Sheng

Drexel University, USA



Last update: 21 Dec 2011