1. Parallel Oral Presentation Sessions

Session: Drug Management

Title: Dealing with data sparsity in Drug Named Entity Recognition
Author(s): Dimitrios Piliouras, Ioannis Korkontzelos, Andrew Dowsey and Sophia Ananiadou

Title: Harnessing Social Media for Drug-Drug Interactions Detection
Author(s): Haodong Yang and Christopher Yang

Title: Toward Creating a Gold Standard of Drug Indications from FDA Drug Labels
Author(s): Ritu Khare, Jiao Li and Zhiyong Lu

Session: Human Factors I: Applications

Title: MediFrame: A Tablet Application to Plan, Inform, Remind and Sustain Older Adults Medication Intake
Author(s): Lea Gulstav Dalgaard, Erik Grönvall and Nervo Verdezoto

Title: On-Demand Virtual Health Counselor for Delivering Behavior-Change Health Interventions
Author(s): Reza Amini, Christine Lisetti and Ugan Yasavur

Title: Using medical device logs for improving medical device design
Author(s): Abigail Cauchi, Harold Thimbleby, Michael Harrison and Patrick Oladimeji

Session: Health Text analytics I

Title: Supervised Extraction of Diagnosis Codes from EMRs: Role of Feature Selection, Data Selection, and Probabilistic Thresholding
Author(s): Anthony Rios and Ramakanth Kavuluru

Title: Using Co-occurrence Analysis to Expand Consumer Health Vocabularies from Social Media Data
Author(s): Ling Jiang and Christopher Yang

Title: Figure classification for biomedical article retrieval
Author(s): Zhiyun Xue, Sameer Antani, Rodney Long, Dina Demner-Fushman and George Thoma

Session: Interactivity and Modality

Title: Empirical Evaluation of Traditional vs. Hybrid Interaction Metaphors in a Multitask Healthcare Simulation
Author(s): Lauren Cairco Dukes, Jeffrey Bertrand, Manan Gupta, Rowan Armstrong, Tracy Fasolino, Sabarish Babu and Larry F. Hodges

Title: Olfactory Measurement System to quantify the ability to smell using pulse ejection
Author(s): Aya Fukasawa, Risa Suzuki and Ken-Ichi Okada

Title: Elderly Cardiac Patients Medication Management: Patient Day-To-Day Needs and Review of Medication Management Systems
Author(s): Anandhi Dhukaram and Chris Baber

Session: Health organization and epidemiology

Title: Jeev: A Low-Cost Cell Phone Application for Tracking the Vaccination Coverage of Children in Rural Communities
Author(s): Anas Katib, Deepthi Rao, Praveen Rao and Karen Williams

Title: Evaluating strategies for pandemic response in Delhi using realistic social networks
Author(s): Huadong Xia, Kalyani Nagaraj, Jiangzhuo Chen and Madhav Marathe

Title: Face matching for post-disaster family reunification
Author(s): Eugene Borovikov, Szilard Vajda and Sameer Antani

Session: Health Text analytics II

Title: Mining Association Rules for Neurobehavioral and Motor Disorders in Children Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy
Author(s): Chihwen Cheng, Thomas Burns and May Dongmei Wang

Title: Automatic Information Extraction in the Medical Domain by Cross-Lingual Projection
Author(s): Asma Ben Abacha, Pierre Zweigenbaum and Aurélien Max

Session: Health Risk Prediction I

Title: Any Language Early Detection of Epidemic Diseases from Web News Streams
Author(s): Romain Brixtel, Gaël Lejeune, Antoine Doucet and Nadine Lucas

Title: Heart Failure Risk models and their readiness for clinical practice
Author(s): Gert-Jan de Vries, Gijs Geleijnse, Aleksandra Tesanovic and Ramon van de Ven

Title: Fall Detection based on Sequential Modeling of Radar Signal Time-Frequency Features
Author(s): Meng Wu, Xiaoxiao Dai, Yimin Zhang, Bradley Davidson, Moeness Amin and Jun Zhang

Session: Home-assistance and individual care

Title: Estimating Daily Energy Expenditure from Video for Assistive Monitoring
Author(s): Alex Edgcomb and Frank Vahid

Title: Automated In-Home Assistive Monitoring with Privacy-Enhanced Video
Author(s): Alex Edgcomb and Frank Vahid

Title: A Publish/Subscribe Middleware for Body and Ambient Sensor Networks that Mediates between Sensors and Applications
Author(s): Christian Seeger, Kristof Van Laerhoven, Jens Sauer and Alejandro Buchmann

Session: Health Risk Prediction II

Title: Risk Prediction of a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis
Author(s): Joyce Ho, Joydeep Ghosh and K.P Unnikrishnan

Title: Automated Trauma Incident Cubes Analysis
Author(s): Ankit Srivastava, Lisa Ferrigno, Stephen Kaminski, Xifeng Yan and Jianwen Su

Session: Human Factors II: Effects and Outcomes

Title: Do Health Care Users Think Electronic Health Records Are Important for Themselves and Their Providers?
Author(s): Denise Anthony and Celeste Campos-Castillo

Title: Dispelling Myths and Misinformation Using Social Media: A Three-Countries Comparison Using the Case of Tuberculosis
Author(s): Yin Leng Theng, Lynette Goh, May Lwin and Schubert Foo

Title: Put a Face to a Name (Part A): Preliminary results attest the need for an app to display pictures and names of the care-team members to hospitalized patients, for better patient-clinician communication
Author(s): Lora Appel and Robert Wu

Session: Web-based architectures and User Interactions

Title: The Effect of Interaction and Visual Fidelity on the Learning Outcomes of a Virtual Pediatric Patient Interview System
Author(s): Toni Pence, Lauren Dukes, Larry Hodges, Nancy Meehan and Arlene Johnson

Title: Social Support and Exchange Patterns in an Online Smoking Cessation Intervention Program
Author(s): Mi Zhang, Christopher Yang and Xuemei Gong

Title: Supporting N-Screen Medical Data Access in mHealth
Author(s): Richard Lomotey and Ralph Deters

2. Poster presentation

Session: Systems and Human Factors

Title: PASTEL: A Semantic Platform for Assisted Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment
Author(s): David Damen, Kim Luyckx, Geert Hellebaut and Tim Van Den Bulcke

Title: Secure Access Control for Health Information Sharing Systems
Author(s): Suhair Alshehri and Rajendra Raj

Title: A study of DWT and SVD based Watermarking Algorithms for Patient Privacy in Medical Images
Author(s): Sachin Mehta, Rajarathnam Nallusamy, Ranjeet Marawar and Balakrishnan Prabhakaran

Title: Privacy-centric Access Control for Distributed Heterogeneous Medical Information Systems
Author(s): Atif Khan and Ian McKillop

Title: Evaluation and Enhancement of an Intraoperative Insulin Infusion Protocol via In-Silico Simulation
Author(s): Benjamin Kohl, Sanjian Chen, Margaret Mullen- Fortino and Insup Lee

Title: A Method Using Candidate Exploration and Ranking for Abbreviation Resolution in Clinical Documents
Author(s): Jong-Beom Kim, Heung-Seon Oh, Sang-Soo Nam and Sung-Hyon Myaeng

Title: Tell Me What I Don’t Know - Making the most of Social Health Forums
Author(s): Jerry Rolia, Wen Yao, Sujoy Basu, Wei-Nchih Lee, Sharad Singhal, Akhil Kumar and Sharat Sabbella

Title: Decision support system for constantly monitoring patients in a comorbid condition
Author(s): Di Lin, Fabrice Labeau and Subhra Mohapatra

Title: Monitoring Public Health Concerns Using Twitter Sentiment Classifications
Author(s): Xiang Ji, Soon Ae Chun and James Geller

Title: An agile framework to support distributed medical imaging scenarios
Author(s): Luís António Bastião Silva, Carlos Costa and José Luís Oliveira

Title: Querying Complex Clinical Data Using Ontological Mapping and Subsumption Reasoning
Author(s): Licong Cui, Remo Mueller, Satya Sahoo and Guo-Qiang Zhang

Title: New horizons for patient safety: LIGRA (LIfe Guard for Robotic surgery Assistance), an interactive platform centralizing information and control in robotic surgery Operating Rooms
Author(s): Jean Vaucher, Elettra Oleari, Monica Verga, Angelica Morandi, Alberto Sanna and Hannes Bleuler

Title: Content Analysis on User-Focused Support Features of Online Support Sites for Geriatric Depression
Author(s): Jinhui Li, Yin-Leng Theng, Schubert Foo and Owen Noel Newton Fernando

Session: Analytics and Human Factors

Title: Image-based Fall Detection with Human Posture Sequence Modeling
Author(s): Xiaoxiao Dai, Meng Wu, Bradley Davidson, Mohammad Mahoor and Jun Zhang

Title: A Microscopic Image Classification Method using Shearlet Transform
Author(s): Hadi Rezaeilouyeh, Mohammad Mahoor, Seyedmohammad Mavadati and Jun Zhang

Title: Multiple Temporal Axes for Visualising the Behaviour of Elders Living Alone
Author(s): Jose M. Juarez, Jose Ochotorena, Manuel Campos and Carlo Combi

Title: Clinical Schedule Management using Similarity-based Mining Methods
Author(s): Shusaku Tsumoto, Haruko Iwata and Shoji Hirano

Title: Characterizing the Performance and Behaviors of Runners Using Twitter
Author(s): Qian He, Emmanuel Agu, Peder Pederson, Diane Strong and Bengisu Tulu

Title: Predicting Readmission Risk with Institution Specific Prediction Models
Author(s): Shipeng Yu, Alexander van Esbroeck, Faisal Farooq, Glenn Fung, Vikram Anand and Balaji Krishnapuram

Title: Estimating Distortion Parameters in Simulated Prosthetic Vision
Author(s): Parvathi Chundi, Mahadevan Subramaniam, Eyal Margalit and Abhilash Muthuraj

Title: Faulty and Missing Body Sensor Data Analysis
Author(s): Duk-Jin Kim and Balakrishnan Prabhakaran

Title: Growth Patterns of US Children from 1963 to 2012
Author(s): Xiang Zhong, Jingshan Li, Goutham Rao and Kp Unnikrishnan

Title: Exploiting External Data for Training a Cancer-Revealing Clause Classifier
Author(s): Sangsoo Nam and Sung-Hyon Myaeng

Title: Modeling Meaningful Use as Utility in Emergency Medical Services
Author(s): Steven Haynes, Thomas Winkler and Frank Ritter

Title: Using nomograms to reduce harm from clinical calculations
Author(s): Harold Thimbleby and David Williams

3. Demo

Title: mHealth Tool for Lung Cancer (mHealth TLC)
Author(s): Janine K. Cataldo

4. Tutorial

Title: Big Data Analytics for Healthcare
Author(s): Jimeng Sun and Chandan K. Reddy

5. Non-referred Extended Abstracts

Title: A Cooperative Localization Technique for Tracking in Hospitals and Nursing Homes
Author(s): Denis Rodionov, George Kolev, Kirill Bushminkin

Title: A Hybrid Regularization Method for Image Reconstruction of Electrical Impedance Tomography
Author(s): Peyman Rahmati, Andy Adler

Title: MPI parallelization of innovative DPD thermostats
Author(s): N. Goga, H. Berendsen, S.A. Moga, G. Dragoi, A. Hadar, B. Paviloiu

Title: StressFree – a tool for stress determination and treatment through computer music generation
Author(s): Alexandra Todiruta, Maria Goga, Lucian Pestritu, Nicolae Goga, Luminita Ciobanu

Title: Questor: medical report search engine
Author(s): Andrei Vasilateanu, Nicolae Goga, Florica Moldoveanu, Alin Moldoveanu, Cristian Taslitchi

Title: Factors related to eating habits of first-year universuty students
Author(s): Masashi Sugano, Aya Akasaka

Title: Visualization of Cancer Patients Social Economic Status
Author(s): Catherine Inibhunu

Title: ViM: Vital signs in Music Creatively facilitating effective long-term wellbeing self-management
Author(s): Yunqiu Li and Harold Thimbleby

Title: Visualization of Privacy Filters for Sharing Sensor-based Health Data
Author(s): Edward Klein and Jesse Heines

Title: Visualizing hidden associations in health care data using correspondence analysis
Author(s): Peter Kokol

Title: A Service Oriented Framework to Assess the Quality of Electronic Health Data for Clinical Research
Author(s): Naresh Sundar Rajan, Ramkiran Gouripeddi and Julio Facelli

Title: On Time-Use Surveys for Ubiquitous Computing Solutions in a Pharmacy Environment
Author(s): Minh Hyunh, Kevin Lo and Emmanuel Agu

Title: RFID-Based Public Space Navigation System for the Visually Impaired
Author(s): Punit Dharani, Benjamin Lipson, Devin Thomas and Emmanuel Agu

Title: Improving Nursing Care Planning In Palliative Care
Author(s): Krista Elvidge

Title: Using social network analysis to identify key players within clinical teams for improving pain management
Author(s): Prasanna Desikan, Nilanjana Banerji, Stacey Ferguson and Heather Britt

Title: Can NAO Robot Improve Eye-Gaze Attention of Children with High Functioning Autism?
Author(s): Huanghao Feng, Anibal Gutierrez, Jun Zhang and Mohammad Mahoor

Title: Improving Clinical Trial Online Search Efficiency Using Natural Language Processing and Biomedical Ontology Mapping Approach
Author(s): Duo Wei and Tiara Campbell

Title: Dynamic Disease Forecast Network Using Family Medical History
Author(s): Rajeev Agrawal, Muhammad Suleiman, Cameron Seay and Clay Gloster

6. Workshop papers

International Workshop on Data Mining for Healthcare (DMH 2013)

Title: Removing Confounding Factors via Constraint-Based Clustering: An Application to Finding Homogeneous Groups of MS Patients
Author(s): Jingjing Liu, Carla E. Brodley, Brian C. Healy and Tanuja Chitnis

Title: Perturbed Gibbs Samplers for Generating Large-Scale Privacy-Safe Synthetic Health Data
Author(s): Yubin Park, Joydeep Ghosh and Mallikarjun Shankar

Title: A Novel Approach to Uncover Health Care Frauds Through Spectral Analysis
Author(s): Song Chen and Aryya Gangopadhyay

Title: Towards the Discovery of Diseases Related by Genes Using Vertex Similarity Measures
Author(s): Hung-Hsuan Chen and C. Lee Giles

Title: Using Structured EHR Data and SVM to Support ICD-9-CM Coding
Author(s): José Ferrão, Mónica D. Oliveira, Filipe Janela and Henrique M. G. Martins

Title: Automatic Patient Search Using Bernoulli Model
Author(s): Yingying Gu, Christopher Kallas, Jun Zhang, James Marx and Judy Tjoe

Title: Early Diagnosis and Its Benefits in Sepsis Blood Purification Treatment
Author(s): Mohamed Ghalwash, Vladan Radosavljevic and Zoran Obradovic

Title: Impact of Density of Lab Data in EHR for Prediction of Potentially Preventable Events
Author(s): Chandrima Sarkar and Jaideep Srivastava

The First Workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing in Healthcare (WMCCH 2013)

Title: Improving Computational Efficiency for Personalized Medical Applications in Mobile Cloud Computing Environment
Author(s): George Mathew and Zoran Obradovic

Title: Finding Needles in a Haystack: Reducing False Alarm Rate Using Telemedicine Mobile Cloud
Author(s): Qiong Gui, Bingwei Liu, Xiaoliang Wang, Zhanpeng Jin and Yu Chen

Title: Mobile Application Concept Development for Remote Patient Monitoring
Author(s): Ljilja Kascak, Claudia Rebola, Richard Braunstein and Jon Sanford

Workshop on Hospital Readmission Prediction and Clinical Risk Management (HRPCRM 2013)

Title: A Predictive Model to Identify Patients at Risk of Unplanned 30-Day Acute Care Hospital Readmission
Author(s): Klaus Lemke

Title: Temporal Evaluation of Risk Factors for Acute Myocardial Infarction Readmissions
Author(s): Gregor Stiglic, Adam Davey, Zoran Obradovic

Title: Predictors of readmission in heart failure patients vary by cause of readmission
Author(s): Alex Bottle, Paul Aylin and Derek Bell

Title: Why Majority of Readmission Risk Assessment Tools Fail in Practice
Author(s): Matthew Tanzer and Eric Heil

Title: Rethinking Automation for Care Transitions
Author(s): Matthew Tanzer and Eric Heil