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Key Collaborations and Projects

IST-funded research project with 11th Street Family Health Center to investigate the usage patterns of internet and cellular telephones among the population being served by the Center. Drs. Rogers, Zach, and Dalrymple presented a poster on the preliminary results at the iConference 2010, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL . This collaboration has grown from earlier work that applied a model of requirements gathering to adapt an EMR to the transdisciplinary care model employed at the Health Center.
Effect of Early Requirements Analysis and Participative Design on Staff in an Urban Health Clinic: Civic Engagement through Collaboration

Future plans include examining the use of technology-mediated information interventions to promote healthy behavioral choices among expectant parents.
Understanding How Vulnerable Populations Use Common Information and Communications technologies (ICTs) to Access Health Care Information

Building on a career involvement in education for the information professions, Dr Dalrymple is a founding member of the Information Professionals Taskforce which is examining the relationships among the information professions and their impact on one another. Along with her collaborator Nancy Roderer, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and others, she has presented her work at several regional, national and international conferences.
Skills for the Future: Informatics Skills for Information Professionals
Improving Healthcare Through Information

Dr Dalrymple has had a long-standing interest in linking research to practice and was an early proponent of evidence-based practice and its relationship to healthcare informatics. She has presented her work at international conferences, the latest of which selected her paper as a Conference Showcase Paper. She was selected as the author for the entry of Evidence –Based Practice in the Encyclopedia of the Library and Information Sciences and is the author of several publications and presentations dealing with the adoption of evidence-based guidelines in practice.
Applying Evidence in Practice: A Qualitative Case Study of the Factors Affecting residents' Decisions
Bringing evidence to practice: a team approach to teaching skills required for an informationist role in evidence-based clinical and public health practice

Drs. Zach and Dalrymple are currently developing a model of factors relating to successful collaborations among LIS faculty; related research on collaboration between faculty at the College of Information Science & Technology and the College of Nursing and Health Professions is underway with Dr. Kathleen Fisher of CNHP.