Wootton-Cooper 4 gen
Katherine W. McCain
Welcome to the first version of my genealogy documenting the descendants of Thomas Wootton and Sarah Cooper of Wymeswold, Leicestershire, England.

This is a basic framework based on standard available records (e.g. census, vital records and indexes) along with some information from family records and unpublished genealogies. I have taken the current listing down through my grandparents’ generation only, until I can get my privacy filters in place for people who might still be alive. My intention is to expand it further with documentation from family letters, photographs, etc. as I have time.

Even this first version could not have been completed as far as it has been without the help of my ever-enlarging extended family. I am particularly grateful to Greg Wootton for sharing information about the ”Canadian Woottons,” to Rene Bates for bringing me up to date on the Manchester, England branch, to Caroline Carter for connecting me back to Nottingham, and to my dad, who rescued a set of old family letters and started me on this project several years ago. There are many other family members with whom I have corresponded and they are acknowledged in the sources. Finally, this would not have been possible without the transcriptions of parish records and census records that have been carefully gathered and made available online by the Wolds Historical Organization. Thanks so much for all your good work.

I welcome contact from others who find connections in this genealogy. Corrections and additions will be gratefully received.