Reference Materials

This page is devoted to reference materials for software engineering, project management, process improvement, metrics, and anything else I found interesting.

Course Handouts

Here are some handouts used across multiple courses:

  • Statistics for Software Process Improvement is used in INFO 515 and INFO 630.
  • IEEE 830 and IEEE 1016 are used in the senior design project (INFO 425 and 426), and the former is also used in INFO 627. To download IEEE standards, see instructions here.
  • The networking classes (INFO 330 and 331) use the Networking Summary.
  • The object oriented design classes (INFO 355 and 620) use the UML Summary.

Generic All Purpose Collection of Links

  • Here is a collection of 300+ links for various resources - standards, technologies, vendors, and other stuff, as of May 3, 2003. Okay, so it's a little dated...

Other Categories of Resources

  • Technical resources include software engineering, measurement and statistics, requirements analysis, analysis & design, and interface design resources.
  • Management resources, including project/program/process management, terminology, SAP, and other issues larger scale than a project.
  • Overview of government standards and resources.
  • History of computing is a pet hobby, so here are resources through 2003.
  • Some thoughts from right after 9/11/2001.
  • And since too much seriousness is bad for you, here are sillier things

Updated 12/24/06